This Is For Serious People

::::: by blues :::::

If you’re serious, this is here to try and help out.

As an old protester, my take is that you will get so much mileage out of the “occupy” trick. It’s flashy, but only gets you so far. What gets the real traction is BIG PROTESTS (10,000 or more). It’s a pure numbers game. The unions were a big deal at one time, but they are mostly now infiltrated, usurped, bought. This is just what happens when you organize as circles of more than eight to twelve. They CAN’T CORRUPT A THOUSAND CIRCLES! Form small intimate circles of friends. Be safe. Each circle sends a representative and an observer to a larger alliance. There should be several autonomous alliances helping different kinds of protesters, which do not have to conform to any particular DEMAND. But they will anyway, generally!

Learn to accommodate people who have received different programming than you! (We have all been programmed, you know.) Don’t you?

Soon, it will be


One thought on “This Is For Serious People

  1. Liked the integrity demonstrated by the last sentence. Yes we have been, but there are none so blind or so deaf as those who think they haven’t been. I’ve taken to paraphrasing a WWII warning, ‘Beware, ears have walls.’ (

    Good luck.

    In solidarity,

    Shyam Mael

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